INESS 2018

microbiology-163470The private institution «National Laboratory Astana» (NLA) was established in 2015, under the aegis of Nazarbayev University and Kazakstani government. 

On April, 2015 the private institution «Center for Life Sciences» (CLS) was extended by joining Center of Energy Research(CER), renamed into and reregistered as the private institution «National Laboratory Astana».

The main goal of the institution is carrying out multidisciplinary basic and/or applied research in the field of life sciences, energy, and other interdisciplinary areas of science, as well as activities to establish a scientific laboratory, experimental bases, centers, institutes for the development and implementation of scientific and technical, educational programs and training. Currently NLA staff consists of 172 scientific employees. At present NLA team implements over than 80 scientific projects on fundamental and applied disciplines. It should be noted that during last three years (2014-2016) there were published 113 papers in international peer reviewed journals, including 87 paper in journals with impact factor.

NLA has more than  50 international research partners from leading research centers and universities.