Human Microbiome Laboratory is performing the studies on human metagenome in the Republic of Kazakhstan; development of functional foods and drugs to correct microflora, as well as developing the regulatory standard documentation; creating biobank samples of human microflora; the provision of practical healthcare, industrial and commercial enterprises by the analysis of the biological material using of advanced technologies in biomedical science; the creation of public associations: Kazakhstan Society of Human Microbiome Research.


Immunological profile and microbiome markers in evaluating the effectiveness of probiotic therapy in RA patients.

Integrative analysis of the human metagenome key signatures.

Metagenomic predictors of childhood obesity, cross-talk with maternal microflora.

Role of the gut microbiome in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) pathogenesis.

Study of the gut microbiome and shared molecular signatures in alopecia areata and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Study of the host-microbiome interaction in vitiligo patients.

Development of a Microbiome Marker Panel for Predicting CHF Outcomes.
  • Almagul Kushugulova, PhD
    Professor and Lab Head
  • Samat Kozhakhmetov, PhD
    A/Professor and Leading Researcher
  • Laura Chulenbayeva, PhD
    Senior Researcher
  • Zhussipbek Mukhatayev, PhD
    Senior Researcher
  • Argul Issilbayeva

  • Madiyar Nurgaziyev
  • Zharkyn Jarmukhanov
  • Nurislam Mukhanbetzhanov
    Junior Researcher
  • Nurlubek Katkenov
    Junior Researcher
  • Symbat Seidulla
    Assistant Researcher
  • Artur Kovenskiy
    Assistant Researcher


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