To bring innovation to the science of Kazakhstan and the world. We believe that research is a powerful learning tool. More than 85% of group are young scientists, PhD students and master students who enrich their knowledge by participating in advanced research within the Group.
Laboratory of Advanced Sensors is focused on__________________

Laboratory methods: DFT, electrochemical methods, SILAR, spin-coating, 3D-printering
Developing Gas sensors for continuous air monitoring devices
Target toxic gases: NO x, , NH 3 , CO x , CH 4 , SO x , H 2 S

Design portable gas detectors with integrated alarm system
Target toxic gases:  H2 , CH 4 , SO x , H 2 S, Co x

Sensors for Healthcare and Biomedical application
Target gases: NOx, Acetone, Ethanol, Toluol and other VOCs
  • Baktiyar Soltabayev, PhD
    Leading Reseacher and Lab Head 
  • Amanzhol Turlybekuly, PhD
    Senior Researcher
  • Yernar Shynybekov
I-V measuring system (Keithley 2450 Source Meter)
Dual beam precision spectrometer (Lambda 1050, PerkinElmer)
Quantum efficiency measuring system of solar cells (Oriel IQE-200)
Temperature controller (CTC-100)
SILAR coating system
DR-3 deep coating robot
Gas measurement system
Lab-build 3D printers for
Micro-printing of electrodes
Lab developed slurries and materials
Battery Charging Using Triboelectric