To develop interdisciplinary fundamental, and applied research that addresses the nation’s most pressing science and technological challenges in order to discover a new knowledge to promote the Kazakhstan’s green economic and technological development, diversification of economy and to become a world-class institution

well-known in research and technological excellence.


The National Laboratory Astana conducts research in various fields, including medicine, healthcare, energy, materials science, and green energy. It has state-of-the-art research facilities and equipment, and collaborates with universities and research institutions around the world. It is an important institution for scientific research in Kazakhstan, and is helping to advance knowledge and innovation in a number of critical fields.
Dear Visitor,
On behalf of the National Laboratory Astana (NLA), I am pleased to welcome you to our website. NLA was established in 2015, under the aegis of Nazarbayev University and Kazakhstani government. ​

Our team of scientists, in collaboration with world’s leading research and educational institutions in the U.S, EU, APAC countries, and CIS, offer the extraordinary range and diversity of research opportunities aimed at discovering and communicating of new knowledge.

We look for ways to apply our research to help meet the challenges of our century, whether this means working for life sciences, energy & advanced materials science, computer science or fostering greater global environment understanding.

Dos Sarbassov
General Director