The Laboratory of Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine focuses its efforts on studying age-related dementia (such as Alzheimer’s disease), including molecular mechanisms, epidemiology, genetics, environmental and lifestyle risk factors, search for new diagnostic biomarkers and prophylactics, and treatment strategies. The laboratory conducts investigations of the molecular mechanisms of aging in mesenchymal stem cells to deepen understanding of the aging process of the body. Additionally, the laboratory is developing a method for rejuvenating mesenchymal stem cells isolated from elderly donors, as well as developing and testing new biomaterials for tissue regeneration. The laboratory also conducts research on protein engineering, protein-polymer bioconjugates, and targeted delivery of drugs
Infrastructure for the implementation of cell-based therapy in the clinical practice has been established

The protocols of primary human neuronal cells extraction and culture have been implemented in research for the first time in KZ

The method of stem cells rejuvenation has been developed

3-D in-vivo imaging of laboratory animals has been implemented in research for the first time in KZ

A new method for managing of osteoporotic bone fractures has been developed and tested pre-clinically

Biologically active wound dressing for wound and burn treatment has been developed and tested pre-clinically

Comprehensive research on Alzheimer’s disease has been initiated in KZ for the first time

Thermosensitive hydrogel for psoriasis vulgaris treatment has been developed and being tested
  • Sholpan Askarova, PhD
    Professor and Lab Head
  • Baurzhan Umbayev, PhD
    Leading Researcher
  • Andrey Tsoy, PhD
    and Leading Reseacher
  • B. Kaupbayeva, PhD
    Senior Researcher
  • Yuliya Safarova, PhD
    Senior Researcher
  • Farkhad Olzhayev, MD
  • Aiym Kaiyrlykyzy, MD
    Junior Researcher
  • Aliya Kassenova
  • Aislu Yermekova
    Junior Researcher

  • Altyn Zhuraliyeva
    Junior Researcher

Laboratory has a total area of 340 square meters, clean rooms for cell culture, cold rooms for molecular and biochemical analyses, and general facilities for routine lab methods. The laboratory is provided with different specific and regular lab equipment such as microscopes, centrifuges, water baths, electronic scales, vortexes, shakers, automated pipettes, pH meters, refrigerators and freezers, fume hoods, water-purifying systems, and others.
Inverted Fully-Motorized and Automated Fluorescent microscope Olympus IX83 and Carl Zeiss Axio Observer Z1
Molecular Imager IVIS Spectrum Spectrum CT (Caliper)
Multiplex protein analyzer MESO QuickPlex SQ 120
Multifunctional Hybrid Plate-Reader Synergy H1
GelDoc Imaging System ChemiDoc MP (Bio-Rad)
Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer System (Bio-Rad)
Muse® Cell Analyzer