фото Жандоса Утегулова
Head of the laboratory of optics, Center for energy and advanced materials science, National Laboratory Astana, Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan.

Zhandos Utegulov

 PhD, Oklahoma State University, 2003; M.Sc, Oklahoma State University, 1999; Diploma, Kazakh National University, 1996. 
Research Interests
Dr. Utegulov’s current research is focused on condensed matter physics and material science with focus on laser-based materials characterization and processing, development of fast time-resolved laser-acoustic and photo-thermal techniques, inelastic laser (Raman and Brillouin) light scattering spectroscopy, surface plasmon-enhanced spectroscopy and optical nano-metrology. He has been studying large variety of nanostructured, thin film and bulk materials including semiconductors, refractory metals and metal oxides.
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