NLA to organize “Heavy-Ion Inertial Fusion HIF 2016”

July 18, 2016

Today, Nazarbayev University hosts the XXI International scientific conference on physics «Heavy-Ion Inertial Fusion HIF 2016" - the important scientific event in the series of preparatory activities for the International specialized exhibition EXPO - 2017. The subjects of the conference devoted to the future of Energy - the inertial fusion, the method, which is one of the possible solutions to global energy challenges. During the conference experts in the field of inertial fusion, physics of accelerators and lasers, dense plasma physics will discuss the current state and the future development path of unlimited future energy source - heavy-ion inertial fusion.

The conference is attended by well-known scientists from countries near and far abroad and Kazakhstan as well. This event is organized by members of the international committee of the conference, led by the German physicist professor Dieter Hoffmann (GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research), Joe Kwan and Peter Seidl from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA, Shigeo Kawat, Japan, professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Jun Hasegawa, Gennady Remnev (Tomsk, Russia), and other  world-class physicists. The Kazakh side is headed by the co-chairmen of the conference: Kanat Baigarin, Vice President of Innovation and Science of the Nazarbayev University, and professor Alexander Tikhonov, Nazarbayev University.

The history of the conference «Heavy-Ion Inertial Fusion» started in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA, in 1976. In recent years, the conference was held in Princeton (New Jersey, USA, 2004), Saint-Malo (France, 2006), Tokyo (Japan, 2008), Darmstadt (Germany, 2010), Berkeley (California, USA, 2012), Lanzhou (China, 2014).

Every two years specialists from all over the world in the field of nuclear fusion, physics accelerators and lasers, as well as dense plasma physics meet to discuss the latest researches and the exchange of opinions on controversial issues. One of the goals of this year's conference is to strengthen existing and develop new areas of cooperation between universities and scientific centers of Kazakhstan and the CIS with the international community, to stimulate further progress in the understanding of inertial fusion energy production, science and technology.

HIF2016 main directions include discussion of inertial fusion on heavy ions and other programs; the properties of the excited state of hot, dense matter: theory, experiments, modern diagnostic methods; ion sources and accelerators of powerful, powerful pulse technique. In addition, researchers will exchange views on the interaction of beam-plasma atomic processes in plasma, the interaction of laser radiation with plasma. Also, researches will  discuss  the TOKAMAK, nuclear physics in Kazakhstan, as well as the study of dark energy and dark matter.

These and other areas are being actively developed at National Laboratory Astana, Nazarbayev University, with the participation of leading Kazakhstani and foreign scientists. The National Laboratory Astana created a test ion accelerator INURA, the concept of which was developed in conjunction with the American and Russian scientists.

Kanat Baigarin, Vice President of Innovation and Science of the Nazarbayev University, said that HIF2016 - is a great opportunity for the integration of universities and research centers of Kazakhstan in the international community in the field of physics and to access to world-class research. In addition, HIF2016 results will contribute to the search for solutions to global energy challenges, which will be discussed at the EXPO-2017.