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July 20, 2017

       One of the favorite places and entertainments of  EXPO-2017  is the stand where the Interactive Kazakhstan Energy Game “Towards a Green Economy" is presented. The exposition is a game that allows the user to create not just his own plan for the development of Kazakhstan's energy system until 2030, but also to see how effective this plan is, both economically and environmentally.

       The developers of the unique game are researchers from the Laboratory of Energy, Ecology and Climate  of National Laboratory Astana. According to Nurkhat Zhakiyev , reasercher, NLA, the Interactive Kazakhstan Energy Game is a computer software that allows to EXPO visitors to access the power system of Kazakhstan and choose the best options for its development, including bolstering investment in electricity transmission infrastructure, facilitating fuel mix for electricity generation, integrating renewable energy and so on. 
       “We run a very big set of scenarios with the different tools developed and build a visualization tool based on a comprehensive database of results,” says Nurkhat Zhakiyev. “Then with the support of an interactive tool we let the people “play” with the levers of control of the model (they can select and combine for example a set of targets/assumptions with their hands making use of a virtual platform) and see the corresponding results in terms of system dynamics and performance. This is also a way to make more clear what we do and to show the complexity of the decision-making process in the energy sector, highlighting even the inconsistencies of some combinations.”
     The mission of this interactive Game tool is to give the full information about the current situation on the power system and Governmental targets of Kazakhstan. The project is based on an optimization model software package developed for reviewing technical and economic features of the power system. System components involve regions allowing the model to interact with these division sets through transmission lines. 
       Also, using the data elaborated by the Kazakstani Electricity Grid Operating Company, the Game allows conducting the regional level monitoring of the spatial characteristics of the power system. All the information about each region is located on the top right side of the display.  The solar and wind power technical potential is estimated with the help of data obtained from meteorological stations for each region. Industrial and residential demand data estimates indicate long-term baseline projections up to 2050.

    The project concept was supported by the Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of competition for the award for the best research in the field of science and technology for young scientists.

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