“НӘР” to put into production

December 7, 2017

NQBQ1963 Yesterday, Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan,  launched the production of an innovative food product based on  "НӘР" synbiotic drink during the nationwide TV bridge "The New Industrialization of the Country: Leap of the Kazakhstani Leopard."

"Research made by Nazarbayev University scientists have become in demand for real business. One of our projects went from development to industrial production. We want to present a new innovative product to the country on the basis of the "НӘР" synbiotic," said Kanat Baigarin,  Vice President of Nazarbayev University.

Ivan Sauer, Director of "Agrofirma Rodina" LLP said that this is the first functional food product to be produced in our country.

"НӘР possesses a number of unique properties, raises immunity, promotes active longevity. I ask you to start the production of the drink on the basis of the agrofirm "Rodina," - said Ivan Sauer, addressing the President.

It is need to mention that "Rodina" farming company started to produce the "NӘR" synbiotic beverage on the basis of its existing dairy plant.  This year a trial launch of the beverage and its sale is expected around the territory of Astana and Akmola region.

 “NӘR” was created by the scientists from the Life Science Center, NLA. The production of this synbiotic, which is a product for the high-quality longevity, is a long-awaited event for the National Laboratory Astana. The probiotic leaven is recommended as an auxiliary therapy for diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension and obesity. The drink will also be recommended as the part of a five-day diet into Kazakhstan's pre-school and school educational institutions, medical and social institutions, health resorts and sanatoriums  of the country.

This synbiotic yogurt drink consists of probiotic leaven, pectin, prebiotic ingredient inulin, fish collagen, which  is a source of essential amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, and completely natural milk.

The effectiveness of "NӘR" has been confirmed in pre-clinical and two phases of clinical trials, the drink has also the biosafety report. This project was financed with the support of the Science Foundation of Kazakhstan.