HIF 2016 to be held in Astana

July 12, 2016

The 21st International Symposium on Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion (HIF 2016) to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan on 18-22 July 2016. This symposium continues the series of symposia that began in Berkeley in 1976. The most recent symposia occurred in Lanzhou, China (2014), Berkeley, USA (2012), Darmstadt, Germany (2010), Tokyo, Japan (2008), and Saint-Malo, France (2006). The purpose of the symposia is to review the status of heavy ion fusion research, and to stimulate further progress in understanding inertial fusion energy production and the science and technology needed for its implementation. Heavy-ion accelerators are promising candidate drivers for energy production due to their high repetition rate and high efficiency. We also expect to critically access the PW-laser applications in ICF (Inertial Confinement Fusion). A positive emphasis will be also given to the ongoing heavy ion accelerator projects at large institutions located in Europe, Russia, China, Japan, USA and others.

 Topics of HIF2016 will cover:

  • Heavy-Ion Inertial Fusion and other ICF programs
  • Properties of Warm Dense Matter: Theory, experiments, and advanced diagnostic techniques
  • Ion sources and high power accelerators
  • Fusion target physics, Hydrodynamic instabilities
  • Beam-plasma interactions, Atomic processes in plasma + laser plasma interactions
  • Pulsed Power (pulsed energy), Applications of ICF
  • TOKAMAK, Nuclear Science (related to the Kazakhstan activities)
  • Dark Energy and Dark Matter research
  • Heavy ion stopping

For more information visithttp://www.hif2016astana.org