Green Energy and Municipal Solid Waste Solutions

September 12, 2018

Prof Ben Anthony

Today, NLA and Chemical Engineering Department of School of Engineering, NU hosted the  one-day workshop entitled: “Green Energy and Municipal Solid Waste Solutions.”

The workshop was dedicated for the utilization of solid waste in fluidized bed technologies, co-firing in fluidized beds technologies and environmental aspects of municipal solid waste generation.

Scientists from leading universities of neighboring countries and far abroad from the United Kingdom, Russia and Germany, senior management of research organizations, educational institutions, industry representatives, Kazakhstani officials  attended this year’s seminar. The workshop  was moderated by renowned scientists like prof. Ben Anthony, Cranfield University, UK; prof. Georgy Ryabov, All-Russia Thermal Engineering Institute, Russian Federation; Sergey Urcha, LTD “ROP” Waste utility company, Kazakhstan; Christos Venetis, Ingenieurgesellschaft Prof. Czurda und Partner mbH (ICP), Germany and others.

Researchers from NLA and NU presented their project on characterization  and  investigation of energy potential of municipal solid waste in Astana. The objective of this project is to develop fluidized bed co-gasification/combustion technology for refuse-derived fuel and coal. The wider impact from the project is elimination of technical uncertainty barriers preventing correct development of techno-economic feasibility studies necessary for  investment into waste recycling and waste-to-energy facilities in Kazakhstan.