школа био 2Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, Center for Life Sciences, NLA, Nazarbayev University will  organize School of Bioinformatics  as part of International conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Center for Life Sciences "Modern Perspectives for Biomedical Sciences: from Bench to Bedside"  (May 14-15, 2020). The  potential participants (20 person max) of the School of Bioinformatics will be selected on a competitive basis. Participation in the School of Bioinformatics is free.  We ask you to prepare your CV,  a list of publications, a motivation letter and a hypothesis mini-project in plain text form and send it to e-mail: and with #BioinformaticsSchool note.

The best participants of the school will receive a certificate for free internship at the Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, Center for Life Sciences, NLA, Nazarbayev University and will take part in the implementation of scientific projects.

A list of potential candidates for the Bioinformatics School: bachelor/master/doctoral students/researcher/clinician/doctor/IT specialists/specialist who has faced the tasks of bioinformatics analysis or specialist/researcher interested in gaining new knowledge in the field of modern genomics, bioinformatics and systems biology.

Motivation for organizing Schools of Bioinformatics: recently, many scientific centers and research centers of Kazakhstan who studies genomic data have faced many problems in analyzing genomic data and have come to us with various questions, so we decided to integrate some of the typical tasks of bioinformatics and share accumulated knowledge and experience.

Format of the School of Bioinformatics: the school will be organized in the format of theory and practice.

Language of the School of Bioinformatics: Russian

What target objects: the bacterial genome, the whole human transcriptome and the whole human genome.

To participate in the Bioinformatics School competition, applicants must prepare:

  1. A detailed CV with a list of publications (if available)
  2. Motivation letter (no more than 3 pages)
  3. Your mini-project with a hypothesis and bioinformatics problem (no more than 3 pages).