Laboratory of Biophotonics Imaging

Head of Laboratory: Ivan Vorobyev

The Laboratory of biophotonics and imaging was organized at the end of 2017 and continues the research of the Laboratory of fluorescent methods (NLA, 2015-2017)


- Development of high-performance microscopic and fluorescent methods.

- Study of the cytoskeleton and mobility of normal and cancer cells

- Study of the mechanisms of action of anticancer drugs

- Study of plankton communities using fluorescent methods.


The development of high-performance fluorescent methods for the analysis of living objects is a priority area for the laboratory.

At the same time, the main focus of the laboratory is the work with high-performance and object-specific fluorescent methods of analysis of living systems, such as flow cytometry; imaging flow cytometry; real time confocal microscopy; high-troughput video microscopy. These methods are currently the most promising for the development of research technologies for living systems, which is associated with the growing popularity and availability of automated control systems and necessity of population analysis at the cellular level.

In the light of the rapid development of this field and new methods of research, the main mission of the laboratory is:

  1. Generation of new knowledge in the development process and as a result of application of fluorescent methods in various scientific fields - biology of normal and tumor cells; molecular biology; biology of plant communities; as well as ecology and hydrobiology.
  2. Close cooperation and interaction with researchers of Nazarbayev University in the framework of regional and international scientific projects using fluorescent methods for studying cells and organisms, developing new approaches, improving existing methods.

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