Laboratory of Human Microbiome and Longevity

Head of laboratory: Almagul Kushugulova

Human microbiome laboratory is performing the studies on human metagenome in the Republic of Kazakhstan; development of functional foods and drugs to correct microflora, as well as developing the regulatory standard documentation; creating biobank samples of human microflora; the provision of practical healthcare, industrial and commercial enterprises by the analysis of the biological material using of advanced technologies in biomedical science; the creation of public associations: Kazakhstan Association of Human microbiome research.

The core activities:

• The search for biomarkers based on the knowledge of human metagenome. Identification of associative links between metagenome and disease, age, food preferences, environmental conditions and environmental factors;
• Development of pharmabiotics and functional nutrition products;
• Creation of the Republic Depository significant medical micro-organisms’ cultures, DNA and peptides;

Completed and ongoing projects:

1. Development of molecular genetic predictors of Anti-Aging Medicine
2. Development of a probiotic substance with antigenotoxic effect
3. The gut microbiome and its impact on health and aging
4. The metagenome studies in normal and pathology
5. Preparation of the reference probiotic strain with genetically confirmed properties
6. The study of centenarians microbiome compared with those in other age groups
7. Development of experimental-industrial regulations obtaining dry ferment probiotic Fermented beverages