Laboratory of Epidemiology and Public Health

Head of Laboratory: Adil Supiyev

Research areas:

The laboratory of epidemiology and public health conducts epidemiological projects focusing on the study of the health status of both children and adolescents as well as the health status of adult population aged 50-75 years. To this day, the geographic area of the studies covers not only the capital city but the northern, central and eastern parts of the country. In the nearest future the projects are planned to be expanded further in the western and southern parts of Kazakhstan.


Meantime, the projects are focused on the socially-significant diseases through the reflection of socio-economic, medical and biological determinants of health. The list of diseases includes the following: cardio-vascular pathology, strokes, obesity, psychological disorders, stress, metabolic syndrome and heritable diseases.
The results of the study are aimed at the following: check-up improvements and disease prevention; early detection of biomarkers of adolescent noncommunicable diseases, premature aging and socially-significant diseases; the development and implementation of various recommendations in relation to the health care management.