Laboratory of Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine

Patents, autorship certificates

  • Patent  of RK № 34466 “Use of plant substance exracted from the roots of Limonium Gmelinii as apreparation with neuroprotective activity” (11.09.2020)
  • Patent  of RK № 5209 “Polymer-protein uricaze drug having hypouricemic properties” (24.07.2020)
  • Patent of RK № 34147 “Stimulation of reparative osteogenesis of osteoporotic bone fracture and similar pathologies based on combined application of MSCs and synthetic bone targeted polymer” (07.02.2020)
  • Patent of RK № 33564 “Poloxamer 407 and amniotic membrane extract containing wound dressing” (05.04.2019) 
  • Sertificate of Autorship N 1776, 15.02.2019 “Method of inflammation-associated cancer detection in mice using difuse fluorescent tomography”
  • Sertificate of Autorship N 1748, 13.02.2019 “Experimental model of a focal ischemic stroke”
  • Sertificate of Autorship N 6088б 25.10.2019. “Method for regulation of aging associated secretory phenotype (anty-SASP therapy) using small molecules for activation of senescent skin regeneration”.


askarova and team


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