Laboratory of Green Energy and Environment

Head of Laboratory: Woojin Lee     


The Laboratory of Green Energy and Environment focuses on sustainable development in the environment and energy fields and the development of environmental & energy research protocol in Kazakhstan. In particular, the Lab strives to make a significant contribution in research fields such as fate and transport of environmental contaminants, carbon capture and sequestration, novel water and wastewater treatment technology development with energy production, renewable energy, air quality management, energy and environmental policy. The Lab has developed and has the access to several onsite laboratory facilities including environmental contaminant analysis, geologic formation of carbon sequestration, water and wastewater treatment testbed, renewable energy test site, gasification plant, as well as access to software for simulation, modeling, and analysis in environmental and energy system applications.



Be a world leader

in the field of environmental & energy science and engineering 


Research area 1: Environment

  • Development of novel environmental nano-catalysts to treat toxic contaminants

  • Identification of catalytic reaction mechanisms using molecular dynamics and quantum physics calculation

  • Development of smart and selective environmental catalysts using the computational chemistry database

  • Stochastic risk assessment for toxic chemicals in natural environments of Kazakhstan

  • Physicochemical/Biogeochemical Treatment Processes (Integrated Water Treatment with Energy Generation)

  • Fate of Chemical Compounds in Environments (Treatment of Groundwater and Soil Contaminated with Organic, Inorganic, and Radioactive Chemicals)

  • Development of mathematical model to predict the fate and transport of contaminants in natural and engineered systems

  • Nano to Macro-scale study on the uranium chemistry in the subsurface

Research area 2: Green Energy

  • Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

  • CO2 sequestration in different geological formations

  • Ex-situ and in-situ mineral carbonation

  • Techno-economic analysis of CCUS

  • Photocatalytic CO2 reduction

  • LCA of GHG emissions in water treatment technologies

  • Characterization of the formation kinetics and equilibrium of CO2 & N2O hydrates

  • Development of estimation protocols of GHG emissions from different industrial sectors

  • Techno-economic modeling of Kazakhstan's energy systems

  • Solid waste utilization technologies

  • Clean coal technologies

  • Energy and environmental policy

  • Analysis of the Kazakhstan's power system

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