Head of the Laboratory of Biophotonics Imaging, Center for Life Sciences, National Laboratory Astana, Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan, h-индекс: 23

Ivan Vorobyev



1979 – Ph. D. in Cytology, Moscow State University, USSR

1975 – Research Specialist, Moscow State University, USSR


Prof. Ivan Vorobyev earned his Ph.D. in Dept. of Cell Biology and Histology, Moscow State University. Since that he held research positions at A.N. Belozersky Institute for Physico-Chemical Biology, Moscow State University and for many years continued research on the centrosome structure and dynamics of microtubules. He described in detail centriole fine structure (1980) and relationship between centriole cycle and cell cycle (1982). Together with D. Zorov he discovered in 1983 mitochondria fragmentation. He earned Doctorate of Sciences degree in Cytology in 1989. In 1997 described free microtubules as ubiquitous part of cytoskeleton in animal cells. He supervised more than 15 graduate students and was advisor for 10 Ph.D. thesis. In 1988-2015 he was PI on 14 grants from Russian Basic Science Foundation. In 1998-2012 he was Head of the Laboratory of Functional Morphology of Hemoblastoses, Hematology Research Center (Moscow). Since 1995 he was appointed as Professor at the Dept. of Cell Biology and Histology (Moscow State University) teaching courses on Cell Biology, Cytoskeleton, Digital and Confocal Microscopy, Flow Cytometry. 



 Prof. Vorobyev collaborated worldwide: he was Research fellow at Beckman Laser Institute (University of California, Irvine, 1992), at University of Connecticut (2000-2001) was Co-PI on research grants with Prof. G. G. Borisy (University of Wisconsin, Madison and North-Western University, Chicago – 1997-2001), conducted research and taught a course on microscopy at University of Palermo (Italy, 1994-1995). Since 2005 he is collaborating with Dr. N. Barteneva (Boston Children’s Hospital-Harvard Medical School)


Research Interests
Prof. Ivan Vorobyev has many years of academic and research experience in the fields of biomedical research including: (1) centrosome fine structure and microtubule dynamics; (2) imaging and flow cytometry; (3) regulation of cell motility and anti-cancer treatments

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (out of >160 articles in peer-reviewed journals)

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