Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy

IMG_5180Head of Institute: Talgat Nurgozhin

Institute of experimental and clinical pharmacology is composed of three laboratories:
- Laboratory of experimental and clinical pharmacology;
- Laboratory of human microbiome and longevity;
- Laboratory of epidemiology and public health.

The Institute is equipped with the necessary modern equipment for experimental research in the field of pharmacology, microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology and epidemiology. The scientific team of the Institute consists of 4 MD, 10 PhD as well as masters and bachelors which are graduates of "Bolashak" scholarship. The Institute conducts international seminars and trainings with the participation of well-known scientists and highly qualified specialists. Employees of the Institute last year became members of the European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Republican Public Association "Kazakhstan Association of Researchers of human microbiome" was accepted in International Human Microbiome Consortium.

 The core aspects of work are:

 • Search for biologically active substances and prototypes of drugs with potential geroprotective activity;
• Investigation of systems for targeted delivery of drugs;
• Screening and preclinical study of new for biologically active substances
• Organization of international randomized clinical trials;
• Implementation of Pharmacoeconomics investigations;
• Implementation of bioequivalence studies.
• The search for biomarkers based on the knowledge of human metagenome. Identification of associative links between metagenome and disease, age, food preferences, environmental conditions and environmental factors;
• Development of pharmabiotics and functional nutrition products;
• Creation of the National Depository significant medical micro-organisms’ cultures, DNA and peptides;
• Gerontological and geriatric researches

The institute has (1) Laboratory of epidemiology and public health, (2) Laboratory of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology, (3) Laboratory of human microbiome and longevity.

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