Research Institute of Bioengineering, Regenerative Medicine and Neuroscience

abstract backgroundHead of Institute: Tursonjan Tokay


Short-term: to create intra- and extramural collaborative, multidisciplinary research environment that will enhance the behavioral and life science training and research efforts of the Nazarbayev University.

Long-term: to be a world-recognized scientific and innovative technology base in Bioengineering, Regenerative Medicine and Neurosciences in the Republic of Kazakhstan and in Central Asia.


  • To investigate the causal factors and pathways that underlie aging, neurological disorders and other diseases;
  • To apply new findings from the basic sciences and technology to create new approaches for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of critical neurological disorders and other diseases, thus to extend people’s healthy life and reduce the burden of disease and disability.

Research laboratories and their main research directions

The Institute of Bioengineering, Regenerative Medicine and Neuroscience has three laboratories: (1) Laboratory of translational medicine and life sciences technologies, (2) Laboratory of bioengineering and regenerative medicine, and (3) Laboratory of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. One core facility, the Nazarbayev University Research Animal Facility (NURAF), has been planned for construction.

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