Laboratory of neuroscience and artificial intelligence

Head of laboratory:Tursonjan Tokay 

Main research directions

  • Bioelectrical activity of the brain in physiological and pathological conditions
  • Study of brain (mal)function from behavioral aspects.
  • Neural damage and Rehabilitation
  • Convergence of neurosciences and electrical engineering (neuroengineering).
  • Translation of new findings and technologies into clinical practice.


  • To investigate brain function at all levels ̶ from molecules, synapses and neurons to neural circuits in the intact brain as well as from behavioral aspects.
  • To develop brain-inspired smart device for diagnosing, predicting and treating neurological disorders, as well as for facilitating healthcare in Kazakhstan.
  • Using an integrative approach to analyze and combine different types of data (symptoms, images, EEG, genes) for creation of effective diagnostic models.
  • To develop and optimize brain stimulation techniques for cognitive improvement.