Laboratory of fluorescent methods

Head of laboratory: Dmitry Malashenkov

Research areas:

•Cytoskeleton and cell migration research and their role in anti-cancer drugs development
• Study of phytoplankton community using flow cytometric approach
• Research of circulating microparticles as marker intracellular mechanisms
•Development of high-throughput fluorescent methods


Development of know-how methods by utilizing highly specialized fluorescent methods for analysis of life objects is a priority for fundamental as well as for applied research nowadays, and this is the principal direction of our laboratory. We mainly focus on the work with high-throughput and object-specific fluorescent methods analysis of life systems, which are widely used by leading perspective technology developments influenced by popularity and outreach of automanaging systems. In the light of rapid development of this field and new methods of research, our missions are:
1. To create new knowledge through the process of development and application of fluorescence techniques in various scientific fields such as biology, cell and molecular biology, ecology, hydrobiology and others.
2. To interact and cooperate with NU researchers in the framework of regional research projects, which use fluorescent methods for studying cells and organisms and development of new approaches based on existing methods.
3. To raise the prestige and international recognition of the NLA, NU and science of Kazakhstan as a whole through international cooperations with the leading research teams in the field.
Our laboratory is complementary to analogical laboratories in Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA) and MSU named by M.V. Lomonosov (Moscow, Russia) and associated powerful functionality and high performance. The laboratory has no analogues in Central Asia and in the near future may become a unique by world standards.