Laboratory of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology


Laboratory conducts research in the field of experimental and clinical pharmacology and carries out screening of new biologically active substances with activity of geroprotector and systems for targeted drug delivery. Experimental pharmacology projects were carried out on cell cultures and laboratory animals (rats, mice, rabbits). Research is being conducted on the acute and subacute toxicity, immunotoxicity, cytotoxicity, histopathological analysis of tissue, hematological, biochemical studies, pharmacokinetic studies. In clinical pharmacology projects package of documentation for international randomized clinical trials was prepared. Also pharmacoeconomic studies are carried out.

The core aspects of work are:

 • Search for biologically active substances and prototypes of drugs with potential geroprotective activity;
• Investigation of systems for targeted delivery of drugs;
• Screening and preclinical study of new biologically active substances
• Organization of international randomized clinical trials;
• Implementation of pharmacoeconomics investigations;
• Implementation of bioequivalence studies.