Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioinstruments

Research priorities  

(A) Biosensors for diagnostic and DNA sensing. Our capabilities allow the design, development, and packaging of miniature optical biosensors for diagnostic, DNA sensing, and cells detection.

(B) Technologies for minimally invasive cancer care. The lab has an extensive know-how in the use of sensing and biosensing technologies, nanomaterials, and electromagnetics-based therapeutic methods for mini-invasive treatment of tumors.

(C) Devices for integration in medical devices. The lab features a key asset in distributed optical sensing, which has been used in shape sensing of medical devices, and in real-time radiation-free monitoring of insertion and usage of percutaneous needles.

Ongoing projects

SMARTER: Smart Mini-Invasive Advanced Thermo-Therapies for Efficient Cancer Treatment

EPICGuide: Epidural Catheter Guidance with fiber optic sensors

A new device for early detection & diagnosis of emerging viral disease threats


Molecular mechanisms of signaling by human protein DJ-1

PAR-DNA: Study of New Covalent DNA Modifications and Their Roles in DNA Repair and Chromatin Organization

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