Center for Life Sciences


The mission of the Center for Life Sciences is to develop fundamental science and obtain new knowledge about the nature and behavior of living organisms, as well as the application of that knowledge to extend life and improve quality of life, thus reducing the burden of diseases.



To improve quality of life, health and longevity through the application of modern advances in biomedical science into clinical practice, as well as diversification of the economy by creating a competitive biomedical industry in Kazakhstan. 

The priorities of the Center include areas such as:

  • Transitional medicine;
  • Natural process of aging;
  • Global healthcare;
  • Genomic and personalized medicine;
  • Bioinformatics;
  • Regenerative medicine and artificial organs;
  • Bioingeneering;
  • Cell therapy and innovative cell technologies.

CLS Strategic research directions:  

  • Development of scientific and innovative approaches in the field of regenerative medicine and creation of of artificial organs, tissue bioengineering, cell therapy;
  • Development of transitional medicine, providing rapid and adequate transfer of latest discoveries from lad to the clinic;
  • Development of scientific basis for healthy aging and longevity, anti-aging and gerontology engineering;
  • Implementation of ideas, discoveries and developments of genomic and personalized medicine in clinical practice;
  • Development of research in the field of bioinformatics and systems biology;
  • Development of research in the field of healthcare and global health;
  • Contribute to the transformation of the medicine that focuses only on the course of treatment into the scientific prediction and prevention of diseases.

The Center has eight laboratories.