Laboratory of physical chemistry

Head of laboratory:  Gulnar Sugurbekova

Research areas:

"The scientific basis for the creation of new materials with desired properties and functions, including a wide range of applications of nanomaterials" in three directions:

1. Development of methods and directed synthesis of chemical compounds with desired functional properties and the creation of new advanced nanomaterials.
2. Physical and chemical bases of environmental management based on the principles of "green chemistry", the creation of new resources and energy-saving processes, mineral processing and industrial waste.
3. The development of energy- and resource-saving chemical technologies, alternative and renewable energies and materials for energy production.


• Membrane technology for cyanide recycling for gold extraction was developed
• Low cost gallium nitride synthesis was developed utilizing non-toxic precursors and local gallium supply of Pavlodar aluminum smelter
• Research is conducted on the surface structuring in order to obtain the hydrophobic "core-shell" material. Superhydrophobic material obtained in which the sand matrix is used.
• A study on the production of light-sensitive semiconductor materials utilizing local raw materials used as solar cells and Grätzel cells. Research on crude oil demetallisation for Pavlodar petrochemical plant is carried on, which will increase the yield of high-quality products, increase the service life of equipment and catalysts, and the selected metals as raw material for the steel industry.

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