Laboratory of microscopy

Head of laboratory:Alexey Volkov

Microscopy lab is dedicated to support the research of the scientists in NU and their collaborators by all the means of modern microscopy.

At the moment we have 5 main machines installed:

1) Confocal microscope LSM 780 from Zeiss

2) Spinning disc confocal microscope Cell Observer from Zeiss

3) Universal scanning probe microscope Smart from AIST-NT.

4) Vis-NIR confocal Raman microscope LabRam HR Evolution from Horiba Sciantific, Jobin Yvon combined with AFM from AIST-NT.

5) Vis-nUV confocal Raman microscope combined with AFM from Nytek Instruments.

Also few upright and inverted microscopes are available.

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