Research Institute of Renewable Energy, Energy Saving, Efficiency and Future Energy


Development and commercialization of advanced and accessible energy related technologies in partnership with academia, world's top research centers, industry and in accordance with the strategic priorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


To become a leading research institute in Central Asia in the field of renewable and high energy, energy efficiency technologies, numerical modeling of energy balance and its effect on environment and climate.

Priority research  directions

Fundamental and applied studies in physical sciences and advanced materials;

Energy and energy engineering;

Natural resources and raw materials for future energy;

The institute has: (1) Laboratory of physics and new materials, (2) Laboratory of physical chemistry, (3) Laboratory of optics, (4) Laboratory of intelligent systems and energy efficiency, (5) Laboratory of solar energy, (6) Laboratory of chemistry, (7) Laboratory of microscopy

Composition of alternative energies:clean   energies from the nature.

Composition of alternative energies:clean
energies from the nature.

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