Laboratory of Advanced Solar Energy Materials and Systems

Head of Laboratory: Azamat Yedrissov

Scientific areas

Development and research of highly efficient solar cells based on various new semiconductor materials.


The laboratory is focused on research and development of organic and perovskite solar cells. The low cost and unique properties of these devices, such as flexibility and lightness have caused a lot of attention. Currently, the lab’s researchers keep reducing the effect of rapid degradation of organic cells, increasing their efficiency and developing new high-efficiency solar cells. Inorganic solar cells based on silicon also study in the laboratory.

Solar Energy Laboratory is equipped with a wide range of equipment for the fabrication of organic solar cells in an inert environment. In addition, the laboratory is equipped with various equipment for the characterization of solar cells.

List of projects being implemented

  1. Scientific and technical program BR05236524 "Innovative materials and systems for energy conversion and storage" (2018-2020);
  2. Scientific project on grant financing: AP05132037 "Development of green production technologies, industrially popular Photovoltaic polymers under microwave activation" (2018-2020).

Staff’s list

Azamat Yedrissov - Senior Researcher, Doctor of Science;

Alexander Alekseev - Leading Researcher, PhD;

Baurzhan Ilyassov – Researcher, PhD.

Our partners:

University of St.Andrews, Texas Tech University (USA), Strasbourg University, Kazan Federal University (Russia), Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (MIET), Karaganda State University named after E. Buketov


  1. Dual beam precision spectrometer (Lambda 1050, PerkinElmer)
  2. IV measuring system of solar cells (Oriel Sol3 ATM, Keithley 2440 5A Source Meter)
  3. Quantum efficiency measuring system of solar cells (Oriel IQE-200)
  4. Solar cell fabrication and assembling complex. Duplex gloveboxes with inert environment (JACOMEX) and with built-in thermal evaporator for electrode deposition (Kurt J. Lesker)