Laboratory of advanced solar energy materials and systems

Head of Laboratory: Azamat Yedrissov

Research areas:

Development and research of highly efficient solar cells based on various new semiconductor materials.


Solar Energy Laboratory is focused on the research and development of organic solar cells. The low cost and unique properties of these devices, such as flexibility and lightness have caused a lot of attention. Currently, the lab’s researchers keep reducing the effect of rapid degradation of organic cells, increasing their efficiency and developing new high-efficiency solar cells. Inorganic solar cells based on silicon also study in the laboratory. Silicon technology, which is characterized with high efficiency, long lifetime, good reproducibility and prevalence, is the most popular in Kazakhstan. It’s due to the active development of Kazakhstan’s own silicon industry.
Solar Energy Laboratory is equipped with a wide range of equipment for the fabrication of organic solar cells in an inert environment. Also, the laboratory is equipped with various equipment for the characterization of solar cells such as a solar simulator with a precision ammeter, a meter of quantum efficiency of solar cells, spectrometer, and other devices.