Laboratory of Materials Processing and Applied Physics

Our activities focus on research and development in the area of smart material science and technology, surface modification and production of multifunctional superhydrophobic materials for agriculture and building construction applications, core-shell magnetic nanocomposites for wastewater purification.

Main goals

Study of the processes of interface structure formation, design and production of superhydrophobic self-cleaning multifunctional materials suitable for extreme weather conditions and climate of Kazakhstan.

Creation of catalysts and electrodes for photocatalytic water purification and hydrogen generation (MgFe2O4, CoFe2O4, NiFe2O4, CuFe2O4, Ag@Fe3O4).

Lab's Team

Gulnar Sugurbekova (doctor of chemical sciences), Olzat Toktarbaiuly (PhD), Oral Ualibek (PhD), Aidar Seralin (PhD), Gulzat Demeuova (MSc), Aliya Kurbanova (MSc).

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