Laboratory of green energy and environment

Head of Laboratory: 

Research areas:

1. Technical-economic modeling of Kazakhstan's energy systems:
Kazakhstan's energy system modeling on the national and regional levels with TIMES-MARKAL modeling tools and CGE models, along with an active involvement of government bodies with the aims of evaluation of sustainable economic development policies efficiency, emissions trade system impact analysis on the national economy, energy efficiency target indicators fulfillment analysis and greenhouse gases emissions analysis by regions and economic sectors. Creation of sectoral analysis tools: transport model, housing models, power sector model and agricultural model.

2. The evaluation of regional cooperation between Central Asian countries and the Caspian region on the energy and sustainable development issues:
Modeling of Central Asian and Caspian regions energy systems with TIMES-MARKAL modeling tools. Hydrocarbons exports potential analysis of the region, including different cooperation levels between the countries and their plans regarding the climate change impact lessening, fluctuating geopolitical situation in transiting and importing countries and varying plans of the related countries related to energy saving and increasing the efficiency of the energy systems

3. Clean coal technologies:
Development of coal gasification technologies, greenhouse gases capture, liquid fuel production for the coals produced in Kazakhstan. This includes gas dynamics modeling, chemo-technical modeling, preliminary project design, modeling from the technical-economic standpoint, analytical and experimental applications.

4. Technological processes optimization:
Optimization of industrial and energy producing enterprises.

5. Statistical methods in energy:
Gathering and interpretation of energy data to quantitatively analyze energy supply and demand economic sectors. Recommendations for improving the energy statistics and development of new questionnaires for the enterprises with an active involvement of CS RK and other government bodies.

6. Climate research:
Development of high definition climate projections (25 km x 25 km) for the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Central Asia until 2100. Applying the said projections to analyse the climate change effects on the economic sectors and natural resources (agriculture, water resources, energy sectors, glacier melting, etc.)

7. Economic research of the climate change:
Analysis with the computable general equilibrium model. Quantitative analysis of international obligations fulfillment regarding the climate change impact reduction, the internal hydrocarbon market analysis and the energy sector economics.

8. Analysis of the Kazakhstan's power system:
Power system modeling in the GAMS environment with the aim of optimal choice of investment structure for the development of the power lines, traditional generation sources, energy storage and renewable energy.