Academic Council

The Academic Council of the  «National Laboratory Astana» is a consultative-deliberative body of the Institution. Decisions made by the Council are currently advisory in nature.

The main tasks of the Council are:

1) Consideration the issues and development the suggestions in improvement the scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities and making recommendations;

2) Assistance in the implementation of the prioritized areas of the scientific, scientific and technical activities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, defined by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

3) Consideration the issues on relationships with other scientific organizations, universities, scientific community in participation on the formulation and implementation the unified state science and technology policy;

4) Studying and making recommendations on improvement of scientific and experimental-design products;

5) Participation in the popularization and promotion of the results of the scientific and scientific-technical activities, the assistance on commercialization;

6) The assistance on development of  the international scientific and scientific-technical cooperation.