Automation of the technology of preparation of erythrocyte cell transport systems for targeted drug delivery in the human body

Project: «Automation of the technology of preparation of erythrocyte cell transport systems for targeted drug delivery in the human body».

IRN АР09258926

Scientific novelty is development of cellular bioengineering for targeted drug delivery by developing of technology for automatic drug loading of erythrocytes.

Automation of technology for obtaining transport systems based on autologous erythrocytes ensures optimization of targeted drug delivery in the body and improves the treatment results of surgical infections.

Project goal: Development of a prototype of an automated software-controlled complex based on a new technology for automatic loading of erythrocytes with selected drugs with a sterile disposable set of consumables for targeted drug delivery in the human body.

Expected results:

  1. A prototype of a hardware-software complex will be developed to implement a new technology for automatic loading of erythrocytes with selected drugs with precision dosing devices and special software.
  2. A prototype of a disposable set of consumables for automatic loading of erythrocytes with selected drugs under sterile conditions will be developed.
  3. Testing of the developed prototype of hardware-software complex for automatic loading of erythrocytes with selected drugs will be carried out In vitro.
  4. The main biopharmaceutical parameters of pharmacocytes will be studied in automatic loading of erythrocytes with selected drugs In vitro.
  5. An application will be submitted for the expertise of the developed prototype of the software and hardware complex for the model of the new technology for automatic loading of erythrocytes with selected drugs in the Republican State Enterprise "National Center for the Expertise of Medicines and Medical Devices".
  6. Based on the research results, reports will be presented at international conferences and / or exhibitions.
  7. The research results will be published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals included in the Web of Science and (or) Scopus database in accordance with the competition requirements according to the calendar plan. At least 3 (three) articles and (or) reviews will be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals indexed in the Science Citation Index Expanded of the Web of Science database and (or) having a CiteScore percentile in the Scopus database of at least 35 (thirty five) for the entire project implementation period. At least 1 (one) article or review will be published in a peer-reviewed foreign or domestic publication recommended by CQAEA.

Research team:

  • Principal investigator Dr. Berikkhanova K., MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Leading Researcher, PI «National Laboratory Astana» Nazarbayev University. Dr. Berikkhanova is Candidate of Medical Sciences in Surgery, surgeon, proctologist. Experience of surgeon - 24 years, researcher - 15 years. H-index 4 - Web of Science. Researcher ID: E-2290-2016; ORCID ID 0000-0002-6371-9210; Scopus Author ID: 56076631900.

Main publications of project leader and research group concerning theme of project:

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  • Leading researcher: Seredin German, engineer for medical equipment, technical tests and measurements, in field of repairs, refurbishment, engineer for service maintenance of medical equipment, X-ray machines and computer tomographs. Total work experience: 28 years. Of these, work experience in automation of measurements of electronic systems is 26 years.

Priority area of ​​work: Automation of measuring systems, creation of new prototypes of devices, including for scientific applications. Design and implementation of HMI / MMI SCADA complexes. The developer of the SCADA complex (MALOX) with a data collection and control program, mechatronics (executive devices). Siemens Step 7, HMI / MMI SCADA Industrial Automation.

Programming in languages: C ++, MFC, Assembler, Pascal, Delphi, G (LabVIEW, BridgeVIEW), LabWindows / CVI. For operating systems DOS, Windows, Linux. Programming controllers for self-sufficient processor systems based on PIC, AVR, MPLab, AVRStudio.  Seredin German, international engineer, has completed orders from medical companies for manufacture of «turnkey» devices. He has Varian Certificate in machinery maintenance in Germany, Kazakhstan.


  • Senior Researcher: Alimbayev Aidar, Head of the FABLAB Digital Prototyping Laboratory, Electronic Engineer, NURIS, Nazarbayev University.

Key skills, competencies: CAD systems: AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Altium Designer, Programming languages: C ++, Bash, Programming environments: Microsoft Visual Studio, Sublime Text, DEV C ++, Arduino IDE, Mathematical calculation and modeling: MATLAB, LabVIEW, MULTISIM, Advanced PC user: Linux, Windows, Computer vision libraries: OpenCV.

Scientific Publications:

1.Test Stand for Prospective Mobile Power-Supply Sources Link:;

  1. Implementation of PPM modulation and demodulation using NI Digital Electronics FPGA Board Link:;

3.The impact of IoT technologies on cattle weight measuring devices cattle RG Link: 2017 - SIBCON 2015.

4) Senior Researcher: Yedrissov Azamat, Engineer, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor. Orchid: 0000-0003-3047-8200; Researcher ID: C-6835-2016; Scopus Author ID: 57208894528.

Scientific Publications:

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